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Sep 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
student nonviolent coordinating committee. now 13 term congressman john lewis. >> it is so important for people to understand, to know that people are suffering, struggling. some have died for the right to participate. the boat is the most powerful nonviolent tool that we have a democratic society. >> across that bridge, life lessons for change. with congress member john lewis. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. amy goodman: we spend today's hour looking at the bloody struggle to obtain-and protect- voting rights in this country. since 2010, at least 10 states have passed laws that require people to show a government- issued photo id when they go to the polls. while supporters say the laws protect against voter fraud, others argue they're more likely to suppress voter turnout among people of color, the poor and proper id and find it harder to obtain one. in total, 16 states have passed restrictive voting laws that could shape the 2012 election, including the vital swing states of florida and pennsylvania. well
Sep 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
school principal and drug charges. eric lewis was arrested after reportedly trying to sell drugs to an under cover police officer. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is at the school with the latest for us. >> reporter: someone tipped off police that the principal here at the elementary school was in to drugs. a sting operation was set up in which an under cover officer made contact with lewis through a gae dating website. they set up a meeting and it was at that meeting that principal lewis was arrested. principal eric lewis was arrested on friday on charges of methamphetamine for sale and offering to purchase narcotics. he was taken in to custody at a cal train station in san francisco. police say they searched his home on 300 block of guerrero street and seized meth and pair fa nail dwra. >> he's ban good principal. other than that the whole thing was a shock. it is not something we ever saw coming and quite surprised. >> reporter: the school district placed lewis on unpaid administrative leave and will have an interim principal take over at the school. officials say lewis was well l
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
lewis who has been the school principal here at montague elementary for seven years now. this morning while his students get ready to start a new week, he happens to be getting ready for his very first court appearance. lewis was taken into custody friday, booked into jail on suspicion of having methamphetamine for sale and offering to furnish narcotics. the 42-year-old was arrested at a caltrain station in san francisco, which is where he lives. officials say they began investigating lewis after getting a tip that he was involved in drugs. well, that tip led to an undercover operation that resulted in his arrest. ultimately, parents we spoke to and his colleagues are not sure what to make of all this. >> mr. lewis has worked with us for a number of years, five years, and he's been a good principal. other than that, this whole thing was a shock. it was not something we ever saw coming and quite surprised. >> of course i'm always concerned my son, but more the teachers are the one that directly work with him. it's not the principal. >> reporter: authorities say they seized a quarter ou
Sep 23, 2012 10:00pm EDT
! >> al: ray lewis with his weekly sunday fire and brim stone sermon. >> cris: that song was playing payback, revenge. whatever that one was, they were playing. >> al: synonymous. ray lewis still going strong. ravens came in '96. third linebacker in history to play 17 or more seasons. only ronde barber is an older defensive player, the defensive back for tampa. only jack hamm in the history of the league at linebacker has more career take-aways than ray. 12 times to the pro bowl and a super bowl champion in 2000. >> cris: if you like to watch football, it doesn't get a lot better than ray lewis and ed reed and tom brady staring each other in the eyes. >> al: first offensive play for new england in the second half. the pass is caught by brandon lloyd. a 12-yard gain. williams makes the tackle. >> michele: patriots without julian edelman. after halftime, he sprinted back to the locker room. he has a hand. he is questionable, al. >> al: we saw that. thank you, michele. we saw him go into the locker room at the end of the half and coming out to try to start the second half and couldn't.
Sep 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
principal eric lewis, and she is not the only one shocked that he is accused of using and offering to sell drugs. lewis appeared in court today to hear the charges against him. five felony counts of possession, transportation, sale, and distribution of a controlled substance, specifically, meth, ghb, and ecstasy. lewis was arrested friday after arranging to meet an undercover police officer who made contact with him through the website >> he is alleged to have offered to furnish both methamphetamine and ghb to an undercover officer, and that provided the basis for a search warrant and the discovery in his apartment of about a quarter of an ounce of methamphetamine, seven pills of what is expected to be mdma, or ecstasy, and three or four vials of ghb. >> reporter: according to the police report, investigators found a number of surveillance cameras and several hidden cameras in his apartment, one of which was hidden inside a teddy bear. investigators are going through several hard drives seized from lewis' home and computers seized from his office at the santa clara
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
bay. that operator is captain taylor lewis, who is also here today. and his company is tideland marine group. one example of this type of service from south beach marina to city yachts. i understand that captain lewis is near finalizing a landing rights agreement with city yachts he could have in place to provide service in time for next month's america's cup races and events. tideland is currently operating one 12-passenger vessel out of sausalito, but captain thomas is a rated commercial vessel master. since the 2009 study did not focus on as-needed taxi service, the business represented by the tideland group seemed unique and yet not competing with the hop-on/hop-off style of operation. therefore, both have been presented with the business terms for this item and each of them have reviewed and discussed the provisions of the port's landing rights licenses in the standard form approved bit city attorney's office. and each operator is looking forward to commencing service in time for this year's fleet week. that is next month. today we are asking the port commission to hereby approve
Sep 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
lewis was taken into custody early friday morning, and now school officials are scrambling to keep parents calm. john alston is live in santa clara tonight. john? >> principal eric lewis will not be coming to work at his office because he is at the santa clara county jail this evening. state agents conducted a sting operation when they got a tip he might be involved in drugs. and now school officials and parents are floored at the arrest. >> no idea. >> i am just shocked. that's why i came out here to find out what was going on. >> the man who was principal for the past seven years is under arrest for having methamphetamine for sale and offering to provide drugs. 42-year-old eric dean lewis was arrested at a cal train station. the department of justice said he planned to meet an undercover agent he contacted through a dating website. an interim principal had already taken over and lewis was put on unpaid administrative leave from his $114,000 a year job as district officials scramble to get the word out. >> we know of no allegations if there was any connections between san francisc
Sep 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
drugs. i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. principal eric dean lewis was taken into custody early friday morning, and now school officials are scrambling to keep parents calm. john alston is live in santa clara tonight. john? >> principal eric lewis will not be coming to work at his office because he is at the santa clara county jail this evening. state agents conducted a sting operation when they got a tip he might be involved in drugs. and now school officials and parents are floored at the arrest. >> no idea. >> i am just shocked. that's why i came out here to find out what was going on. >> the man who was principal for the past seven years is under arrest for having methamphetamine for sale and offering to provide drugs. 42-year-old eric dean lewis was arrested at a cal train station. the department of justice said he planned to meet an undercover agent he contacted through a dating website. an interim principal had already taken over and lewis was put on unpaid administrative leave from his $114,000 a year job as district officials scramble to get the word out. >> we know of
Sep 28, 2012 11:35pm EDT
now, johnny lewis was just another aspiring actor. familiar mostly to fans of "sons of anarchy." >> i had to leave. >> reporter: now, johnny lewis is a household name. >> a new hollywood murder mystery. >> her ex-boyfriend, just found dead. >> reporter: star of a tabloid tragedy. a hollywood murder-suicide. >> one of those stories that almost seems too crazy to be true. >> tragic. >> reporter: lewis beat his 81-year-old landlady to death. he tore her cat to pieces. eye witnesses who tried to stop him say he showed super human strength. there are reports that some sort of drugs were involved. >> that's a possibility. we haven't located any drugs and we're not sure about that. we won't know until the report comes back from th coroner's office. but suffice to say, anybody who acts in this kind of a manner would indicate there may be some kind of drugs on board. >> reporter: if drugs were involved, does your experience tell you what sorts of things we might be talking about? >> well, the thing we're seeing lately here in los angeles are some of these synthetic drugs, something like
Sep 6, 2012 5:30am EDT
and -- 695 around west and east looking good. >>> he is the face of the ravens, we all know ray lewis. a new app giving you access to the ravens' legendary linebacker. we'll tell you where you can get it and what it's all about. >> and new surveillance video shows a maryland officer pistol whipping a teen. i'm linda so, why the video contradicts what the officer says happened. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. ta
Sep 24, 2012 11:30am PDT
without their principal eric lewis. he's in jail first court appearance this afternoon. district officials and parents tell me they never saw this coming. families flock to montague elementary in santa clara as theyz would any monday morning. but the day is different. >> we were disappointed. mr. lewis is respected here. >> i was shocked, everybody was shocked. >> it surprised everybody. didn't see nothing like that >> reporter: it is not just parents. >> we're shocked. i think shocked is the word that keeps coming from anybody. >> reporter: police arrested the principal thursday after eric lewis met with an undercover agent at a caltrain for alleged drug deal. the agent contacted lewis on a dating website. search of lewis' home turned up meth, scales and other drugs. he's been the principal for seven years and was well liked and respected and the school was thriving. >> i think our hiring process is thorough. we do extensive background checks, reference chks all of those kinds of things. we've never had an incid like this before. >> reporter: now the school and parents have to e
Sep 24, 2012 12:00pm PDT
because mr. lewis is respected here. >> reporter: agents arrested lewis last week. a spokesperson said they received a tip that he was involved in drugs and frequented an online dating site. the two agreed to meet after they set him up. >> there was no incation anything is connected to campus. we didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: district officials say lewis is well liked as a principal here. he's now on paid leave. the district has replaced him with an interim principal with 20 years of experience. some parents say they are sad because lewis was involved in the school's anti-drug program. >> we're all susceptible to making mistakes. he's made his. a pretty egregious one. i hope he learns from it. and i wish him the best. >> reporter: letters will be sent home to parents explaining the situation. lewis faces six criminal charges ranging from possession of drugs to possession with the intent to sell. back to you. >> thank you. > jury selection started in the trial of a former san francisco police crime lab technician accused of stealing cocaine. 61-year-old deborah madden face
Sep 24, 2012 4:30am PDT
of 42-year-old eric lewis, the principal here at montague elementary for the past seven years or so, he was making $114,000 a year now on unpaid administrative leave. police say he's a methamphetamine dealer. they arrested him friday in an undercover operation in san francisco where he lives. parents who already heard about this, are definitely shocked and surprise. >> we got a call from another neighbor saying did we hear about principal lewis? i said what? they said he was arrested for selling drugs. that just doesn't seem like it would fit his demeanor. >> reporter: another parent told us that he won't know if the accusations again the principal are true until he sees more evidence. some of that evidence includes that undercover sting at a caltrain station in san francisco, detective contacted lewis online through a dating website and lewis allegedly agreed to meet him to give him drugs. lewis is due in court this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> bring down the lights. the show over. next, the final curtain for one of the bay area's last independent movie theaters. >>> cla
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
force and millers island is beeng slowly swallowed by the sea. -waves-(dawn lewis) "ya gotta keep an eye onnthe water"dawn lewis, and hundreds of other island residents are watchiig the waters rise. (dawn lewis) "ya start looking sure your pictures and things like that are up. everythhng else is replaceable."as thee winds gain strength (deniie haas) "we do all take precautions and look out for each other"the red cross goes door to door as it makes the roundsand puts out the warning... be prepared. (pointing red cross worker)"were seeing alot of flooding along chesapeake ave" (voice only)) "i got a team ready toobring in if i have tooofoo now they watch, wait, and wonder what will happen next, as water levels conttnue to rise. (voice only)"it has no where to go" ----as live tag 5:00----- (kathleen as live tag..... oq: five pm) some of the heavy rains... coming just in time for ruuh hour to start... start... we take you into the commute.. with our mobile trak. --- anchors adlib --- 3 how are the roads looking tonig? tooight?brandi proctor has our report. mapbelairwilkensfiber395map a..
Sep 28, 2012 5:30am EDT
the replacemmnt refs... and ray lewis says what made himmsmile began. ray lewis 5800 thats the firstt timm i got excited aaout seeing referees... yeah, i walled up to hem, that'' thh &pfirst hing i said, i was fighting foo you guys.ray rice 4514 we mighh as well give the replacement refs some thanks for stepping in for a time. otherwise wwat would we flag ootball. backyard football. so you hve toogive &pthem some credit. credit.the ravens can now sit back and watcc the refs work this weekknd, during their 10 pay brrak beeore taking on pansas city. live in fells point, joel d. morning news. 3 a robberyysuspect whoowassshot is now acing charges. charges.pooiie confronntd 27 year old kirk parker on potter on monday....aftee a robbery. - police say e began fighting with an officer and pulled a ggn.tte officer's partner hot thht parker is inn stable condition.. he's being charged with aamed robbery and assault.the officer is a 14 placed on administrativee investiggtion into the baltimore county police are a 7-11 store last month.check out these surveillance photos from august 2n
Sep 28, 2012 5:30pm EDT
-1 after the first 44gaaes... ann a big night for running back jamal lewis .....ho of honor.. a first round pick inn2000,,lewis won a super bowl his rookie year and wounn lladiig rusher with over 78- hundred yards.. he also leeds in touchdowns with 45... fiveedead in a workppace shooting..... what witnesses are saying about the gunman... and what may have set hhm off.. 3 police cruiser crashes into a house..... whatt caused the officer to lose &pcontrol.... and what happenee and a race agginst ttme..... what crews did to rescue a baby deer stuck in a &pmanhooe. 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- fivv people are dead after a workplace shooting in minnesota. you can signage company in minneepolis ... where a man opened fire.... killing four peeple peforeeturning the gun on himself.a wommnnwho lives near theebusinees, said one worker took shelter in her hhuse. , of the garage to the front and asked my husband if he could use the phone and said he was runnnng from he shooter." "he had watched his boss get shot and his best friend and two other people." police won't identify the shooter but witness
Sep 1, 2012 7:45pm EDT
congressman john lewis chair of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. he recalls his life of activism in the hopes of imparting his experience upon a new generation of activists. this is just under 40 minutes. >> good evening. you are a beautiful group. you are just beautiful and handsome. i want to apologize for coming in a little late. we just completed a series of votes. but i am delighted and very, very pleased to be here. my friend and my brother, thank you for those kind words of introduction. my friend, thank you for being here. thank each and everyone of you for being here. it's good to be here. politics and prose again. i remember, june of 98, it was raining and storming. i went to atlanta and it was raining and storming. i told the story, walking with the wind. tonight and not point to tell the story. now, many of you realize our know from my past that i grew up on a farm in rural alabama. 50 miles from montgomery. my father was a sharecropper. but 1944, i do remember. when what happened to the rest of us. well, with the $300, and on this land a lot of pets. and it was my re
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
. it says at the end of the day, be ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. erik dean lewis the principal here is expected to be arraigned in court today on felony drug charges. a spokesperson from the department of justice says their drug task force received a tip that lewis was involved in drugs and used a dating website. under cover agent set up a meeting with lewis. he was arrested friday after allegedly offering the agent drugs. authorities say they found methamphetamine, ghb pills, and scales in his san francisco home. >> mr. lewis i think did a great job here as principal. we have no sense there was connection between what he was alleged to have done in san francisco and what he did here. >> reporter: officials have placed lewis on administrative unpaid leave. lewis has been the principal here for seven years. we were told he was involved with an antidrug dare program here. he was charged with furnishing drugs and possession drugs they have also taken lewis' computer and going forward to see if further charges are warranted. we are hoping to talk to parents this morning.
Sep 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
listen to congressman john lewis of georgia. let's listen. >> -- than we were in 1961. and in 2008 we showed the world the true promise of america when we elected president barack obama. a few years ago a man from rock hill inspired by president obama's election decided to come forward. he came to my office in washington and said i am one of the people who beat you. i want to apologize. will you forgive me? i said i accept your apology. he started crying. he gave me a hug. i hugged him back. and we both started crying. this man and i don't want to go back. we don't want to go back. >> brothers and sisters, do you want to go back? or do you want to keep america moving forward? my dear friends, your vote is precious. almost sacred. it is the most powerful non-violent tool we have to create a more perfect union. not too long ago people stood in unmovable lines. they had to pass a so-called literacy test. pay a poll tax. one occasion one was asked to count the jelly beans in a jar all to keep them from casting their ballot. today it is unbelievable that there are republican officials tryi
Sep 24, 2012 4:30am PDT
the school principal, 42-year-old eric lewis, was arrested at a caltrain station in san francisco where authorities say he arranged to meet an undercover agent he contacted through a gay dating website. for some sort of a drug deal. he was booked into santa clara county jail on suspicion of having methamphetamine for sale and offering to furnish narcotics. investigators seized a quarter ounce of meth, drug scales and his computer from his san francisco home over the weekend. the school district is shocked by the arrest, as colleagues here say lewis is well liked. >> we had no sense that there was any connection between what's being alleged had happened in san francisco and what was going on here on a daily basis. no connection whatsoever. >> reporter: now, lewis has been the principal at montague elementary in santa clara for seven years. during that time school officials tell us he has helped improve student achievement scores. while he sits in jail today, he has also been put on unpaid administrative leave by the santa clara county unified school district. lewis is scheduled to
Sep 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
with karen lewis. she is the president of the chicago teachers union. we'll talk about where the negotiations stand. >>> now to the race for the white house. and with 58 days until election day, the campaigns are taking different approaches to getting out their message on this sunday. republican nominee mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan will leave the campaign trail and instead turn to the airwaves. both men will be guests on several sunday talk shows. >>> there's no rest for their democratic rivals who have headed straight from the party's national convention to hit the campaign trail. today president obama will continue his tour of florida with stops in melbourne and west palm beach. vice president biden will head to ohio for stops in portsmouth and milford. >>> and by the way, you can get up close and a personal look at the two men vowing to hold the country's future in their hands. find out what barak obama and mitt romney are really like beginning at 8:00. profiles the republican presidential nominee in "romney revealed: family, faith, and the road to power." follow
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
escuela primaria "montague" en santa clara... luego de enterarse que el director eric dean lewis de 42 aÑos fue arrestado bajo cargos de vender drogas... sot 2:06... "well the staff..." ---ahora el personal de la escuela esta explicando a los estudiantes lo que sucedio con su director... dijo la superintendente del distrito escolar de santa clara... ---el arresto de lewis ocurrio el viernes en una estacion de caltrain luego que un agente encubierto lo contactara por medio de una pagina en internet... segun la policia, el maestro le ofrecio drogas al oficial y quedaron en reunirse en su casa en san francisco... ---luego de su detencion... la policia reviso el apartamento del sospechoso y dijo haber encontrado un cuarto de onza de metanfetamina s... sot 9:49... "it's a good teacher..." --este padre de familia califico a lewis como un buen maestro... y no lograba salir de su asombro... dice que por los siete aÑos que el director estuvo a cargo del plantel todo parecia normal... ---lewis se encuntra suspendido sin goce de sueldo y el proximo lunes sera presentado ante la justicia. roll o
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm PDT
lewis was arraigned on charges. the principal was arrested on friday after a sting operation. authorities say eric dean lewis offered the investigator methmeth and the date -- methamphetamine. kron 4's maureen kelly was there. >> reporter: he is in front of a judge monday because he was arrested friday after investigators say he offered to furnish an offer with methamphetamine. that agent made contact through a dating website. after his arrest authorities searched his san francisco apartment and say they found a lot of drugs. >> quarter ounce of methamphetamine. 7 pills of mdma and 3-4 vials of ghp. >> reporter: that led to the additional charge of drugs for sale. computers were also seized at his office at montague elementary school but the district attorney says the investigation is still on going. at this time there is nothing to indicate he tried to sell drugs to students. authorities plan to examine any money put towards setting him free to make sure it doesn't come from drug sources. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> at this time there have been no allegations of eric dean
Sep 9, 2012 10:00am EDT
09 and said mr. lewis, i'm one of the people that attacked and beat you. i want to apologize. we forgive me? yet been encouraging his father to seek a people he attacked. started crying, father started crying. they both gave me a hug and i started crying. this book speaks about reconciliation, the ability and capacity to be reconciled, to move towards community, that if you believe in something you should speak out, speak out. you should stand up and you should pay for it. you have to be consistent. you have to insist. nothing, nothing, not one thing is stronger than the truth. there may be some set back. there may be some disappointment . but in a long scheme of things you're going to win, you're going to succeed. the way of peace, the way of love, the way of nonviolence, the way of shrews will win out. this book is suggesting whether it's in the middle east, africa, america or any part of this planet, this little piece of real estate that we call earth that we can, as stock or king suggested, learn to live together as brothers and sisters. going to put it another way, it is non
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
karen lewis joins us to talk about the strike, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, and what this means for education reform across the country. then mitt romney and the 47%. >> pulitzer prize-winning journalist david cay johnston on the secret romney video that has shaken the presidential race. the net romney's on tax policy. >> romney's plan is george to be bush's plan on steroids. george w. bush gave 12.5% of his tax cuts to the top 10th of 1%. romney's plan gives one-third of the tax cuts to the top 10th of 1%. theey's plan gives 57% of total cuts in his package to the top 1%. that is people that make more than about $400,000 a year. astonishing how heavily weighed it is to the top. >> we will speak about his new book, "the fine print: how big companies use 'plain english' to rob you blind." all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. road in chicago. here the chicago public schools are back in session today after the governing body of the chicago teachers union voted to suspend a nine-day strike. on tuesday, tea
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
, police say that i found methamphetamine inside of the home and now the 42 year- old eric lewis will be arraigned later on today, he was the principle of mountain view elementary school here in santa clara for the past seven years but now he is on unpaid leave facing drug charges. let's bring up his mug shot. he was busted on friday after allegedly trying to meet up with an undercover officer to either give or sell drugs. police started looking at him after being tipped off that he was into drugs, an undercover officer started chatting him up on a dating site and then said that lewis offered him narcotics. they agreed to meet up at a cow train station where he was busted. a search of his seventh disco home uncovered a quarter ounce of methamphetamine, and drug scales and other pills. the santa clara unified school district has put him on leaves and an interim principal in his place. but the news has to be hard for students here as well as their parents. they knew this man simply as mr. lewis, the principal here, and i found website where you can rate teachers, and principals and
Sep 11, 2012 1:00pm EDT
michael lewis. he is a frequent guest of ours on "power lunch," delighted to have him back. he has written some of the best-selling books in the nation over the past two decades, many of them having to do with the financial crises that the country has face and other topics of interest. now he is with us after being given unhe is dentprecedented, say in journalism, access to president obama. he capture it had all in a fascinating article he wrote for the current edition of "vanity fair" and get to that, michael in a few moments. i first want to start with this. welcome. >> thanks for having me back. >> president obama opened a six-point lead among registered voters. the first time, president obama's numbers are better than mitt romney's on the question of which candidate is better equipped to deal with the economy, 47-45. let's start with those politics, how do you react to those numbers? how do you think the president who is widely thought to be immensely focused on poll numbers, reacts to them and how much did you see him stressing over the economy? >> um, so first, i'm always surprised,
Sep 16, 2012 10:00am EDT
, michael lewis spent eight months in the white house with unprecedented access to president obama. we'll talk about who obama is and how he makes decisions. also, why is israel trying to get the united states to commit to waging war when israel itself isn't willing to do so. and finally we'll take a look at these pictures. do you think they were taken by nasa or the european space agency? no, a teenager with a second-hand camera. >>> but first here's my take. the images of the american embassy burning in benghazi might have conjured up memories of tehran in 1979, but the analogy is false. in libya, the government is not fomenting anti-americanism. it's lamb meanting it. the violence there appears to have been the work of small extremist elements that lack much popular support. but the storm has spread from libya. across the middle east there have been protests rallying against the united states and the west in general. even in these places, however, keep in mind that these crowds number in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. in countries with tens of millions of people. they make for
Sep 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >> quickly, i'm out of time. are your teachers prepared to stay out? >> yes, they were. >> karen lewis, great to have you with us. that's "the ed show." rachel maddow starts now. >> thank you for staying with us for the next hour. we need to begin with breaking news. it's international. it's out of libya this evening in the city of benghazi. a mob descended on the u.s. consulate in benghazi today and set it on fire. witnesses say explosions were heard nearby and the men who attacked the american building were armed. there are conflicting reports about exactly how grave the attack was on the u.s. consulate. some are siting that a staffer, an american official was killed in the attack on the consulate. now while the state department has condemned the attack, officials are saying it's impossible to confirm the reporting about the potential death of a u.s. official in libya. at least at this time it is impossible to confirm it. nbc news is working to confirm that report. it's based on comments from a libyan official at this time. >>> also today in cairo, a group of protesters there breache
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
details are emerging about actor johnny lewis. police say the "sons of anarchy" star killed his landlord before falling to his death. we'll look at his downward spiral and hear from people who tried to help him as his life was spinning out of control. >>> also, we'll talk with alana stewart. the former model is coming to terms with her past in her new memoir. she talks openly about her famous ex-husbands george hamilton and rod stewart and losing her best friend farrah fawcett. we'll talk with her in our next hour. >>> but first, lester, you've been on the ground now for a week. what is your sense that the troops -- or what are they telling you? what have you seen? >> i've had a pretty exciting several days, managed to get on the battlefield several days in a row. talked to the troops who still remain confident in their mission of training the afghan troops to take over and looking forward to a 2014 withdrawal. we're at the joint command for the international security assistance force, better known as isaf. this is in effect the international headquarters for the war. the choppers behind
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
from ffns... and players.ray lewis even pmbraced one of the refs.... the breakthrough in the laaor dispute with the nff came late wednesday night....just two days after a highly controversial all ended the and we asked you to show us your purre pride.... takk a look at this photo sent to our newsroom from elizabethh... &peven 33month-old dwayne knows &pwho's number one. and check out this little fan.... 2 year old tony thhnks he can tackle like his favorite player raa lewis. show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us through purple --a -fox can see those photos on our ""ee it shoot it send it" page at foxbaltimore dot com.or youu caa go to our faccbooo page.. facebooo dottcom slash foxbaatimmre... clickkon "inside fox45." the orioles maggc has been allve and well all seasso... can it spill over in the mml-b post eason?wiih less than a week left in the reguuar season....timm will tell.... &ppell....morgan adsit joins us livv now with an early lookkat heelo everrone.this pssit....6 games... 2 series. this weekend will be your final regular season look aa back ho
Sep 4, 2012 4:30am EDT
baltimore. >> that was shell cheryl reporting. he is a line backer and beloved mvp, lewis is a giving man, we will tell you how the ravens tar is helping kids in need in our area today. Ñ[= . >>> group of thieves picked the wrong house in kentucky to break in to because earl joans is 92, air force veteran, thieves targeted his farm three times stealing guns, money and cattle. jones woke up when he heard the three intruders in the basement. jones shot a man in the chest. two others dragged the victim away and the man died. now, police say jones is not going to be charged. >>> a kitten makes a trip hundreds of miles from connecticut to new york on the top of a car's gas tank. a family was traveling from connecticut to drop their son off when heard a strange noise. after a 6-hour ordeal, a rochester mechanic made the discovery , the kitten will go up for adoption as soon as he gets healthier. >>> a texas man knows how to fry food and gonzalez won the 5th fried food away at the fair. his crunchy creation, jambalaya. >> there is not one thing on the list that sounds good to me. >> deep fried
Sep 24, 2012 5:00am PDT
ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. now eric dean lewis the principal is expected to be arraigned in court this morning on felony drug charges. a spokesperson from the department of justice says their drug task force received a tip lewis was involved in drugs and used a dating website. an under cover agent set up -- he was arrested on friday after offering the agent drugs. they found methamphetamine, ghb pills and scales inside his home. >> there are no connections here at montague. i'm sure the kids will be disappointed but they will move on and we will focus them back on their learning. >> reporter: school officials have placed lewis on unpaid administrative leave and already named an interim principal. lewis was the principal here for the past seven years and we're told by parents he was involved in antidrug dare programs. he's charged with the offer to furnish drugs and possession of drugs. we are told if he is convicted, he could face five years or more in prison. he is expected to be arraigned sometime today. reporting live from santa clara janine de la vega ktvu c
Sep 28, 2012 2:30pm PDT
murdering a british businessman. now to that formula one racing news. mercedes has signed lewis hamilton from mclaren to replace former champion michael schumacher. >> the 2008 f1 champion has signed a lucrative deal with mercedes. >> the racing future of the 43- year-old schumacher is uncertain. >> since his comeback, schumacher has not won a single race. in nearly three years, he has been on the podium only ones. even within the team, his rival has outperformed him. criticism of the 43-year-old's kraft has been mounting. he frequently makes mistakes. now, he is finished with mercedes. he got interested in car racing as a child on the go cart track his father operated back home -- on the go kart track his father operated. it was the beginning of an unprecedented career. he won seven world championships. now, lewis hamilton is set to replace himon team mercedes. hamilton is reported to it received a three-year contract with some 75 million euros. schumacher's racing future, on the other hand, is unclear. a spokesperson said on his behalf that joining any racing team is not currently a pr
Sep 11, 2012 12:30am EDT
matter. matterbefore the game... moment of sillnce for art modell...ray lewis saw modell as father figure...very emoonal....offense tstanding. quick start for jo flacco and cpany..1st play from scrimmage...flacco down field for torrey smith... 52yards...longest 1st play of the season in franchis history....setsp... rookie kicker justin tucker... first n-f-l attempt...46 yarder. ravens lead 3-0... tucker perfect on the night..2nd quaer...10-3 ravens...flacco off his ck foot.perfect strike to anquan boldin... splits the reviewed...touchdown stands... 34 yard score...ravens lead 17-3....beforehe end f tte half...4th and 1 for the bengals from the 6...benjarvis green-ellis powers for the first down...stretches across the goal line...cincy dow7 at the break....3rd quarter.. bengals cutt to 4...flacco lofts it for dennis pit... who's got hops...brings in the t-d...rave up 24-11....22 seconds left in the 3rd...andy dalton misses his target... look who's ther..ed reed first terception of the seas...returns it 34 yards for his 7th i-n-t for a touchdown....with that he passes f
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